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Potable Water Supply

As a specialist emergency water supplier, the Alternative Water Supply Company can provide you with water tankers, water tanks, or bottled water in as little as two hours from your call. The most basic of all human requirements; that of a wholesome water supply can be met quickly and efficiently using our emergency water supply service. Potable water can also be delivered (bulk water transfer, if needed) to commercial or industrial premises which have suffered partial or total loss of their water supply. So, if you don't have a water supply for drinking, toilet flushing, cooling of processing/manufacturing, call the Alternative Water Supply Company for a quality assured, solution to all your emergency water supply needs.

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Temporary Water Supply

The Alternative Water Supply Company can provide a temporary water supply to any location requiring drinking water, or a general potable water supply, where the is no mains water available. For instance, we are often called upon to provide water storage tanks, plumbed in site welfare facilities for construction sites all over the UK. Various festivals and events also use our services in the summer months, safe in the knowledge that wholesome potable water is being provided to their clients, by water supply company, who's operatives are all certificated to handle quality assured water, under the water industry standard (Energy and Utility Skills Register) EUSR scheme.

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Drinking Water

All of our water tankers and water tanks are Reg. 31 approved which means that they are fit to transport and store potable water (drinking water). Everything that we do in our role of a drinking water supplier is compliant to the DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000. This guarantees our clients that the water supply that we provide to them is quality assured. If your requirement is for grey water, non potable water or non drinking water, please note that Water Direct does not charge for the quality of the water delivery. We keep our vehicles fit for drinking water delivery so that they are always available to meet the requirement of emergency drinking water. Thus, fulfilling the most basic of all human needs. You simply pay for the water tanker.

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